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TechnaVibes has a complete Fabrication and Machine shop capable of producing large scale items or smaller production items. Stainless steel products, Carbon steel products, Aluminum welding and Assembly.

Stainless steel fabrication
Technavibes can make custom Stainless steel products for your assembly project also!
injection mold chute
This chute catches parts from an injection mold machine and smaller parts drop out the bottom while the good parts slide onto a conveyor
structural steel
Technavibes builds structural steel equipment also. This rack is designed to hold eight fixtures for carbon fiber wing structures.
structural steel machine
From Structural steel to feeding microscopic electronic devices Technavibes has the answer
Stainless steel fabrication
parts transfer from injection mold machine to conveyor to feeder system
welding and fabrication
Conveyors, chutes, part transfer equipment all from Technavibes
stainless steel welding fabrication
Custom Stainless steel chute for injection molding operation
machine base welding
This machine base table has a 1" thick blanchard ground top
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